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Property Information Portal

Property Information Portal for Professionals (or as we like to call it PIP)


South West region
property price and
rental report
How much is the UK
worth? Savills Property
Focus 2017-1

English Housing Survey -
Headline Report 2015-

Property Content
Property price report:
LSL, Rightmove, UK
HPI - Feb 17

Landlords cautious ahead
of tax changes - Paragon
Q4 16 PRS trends

Fixing our broken
housing market
(feedback by 2nd May)
Rental market report:
LSL, Belvoir, ONS -
Jan 17

Amendment to the
tenant involvement
and empowerment
by 22nd Mar)


This is the UK's only residential property research portal. It has been set up to help property professionals keep up to date with the latest price and rental stats, government consultations, residential property legal changes and latest research reports. 

You can either sign up to our free weekly newsletter for basic information, or subscribe to our bespoke service Property Information Portal. The bespoke service includes individual research services, email alerts of government consultations and essential research documents which will help you plan your future business and create expert content to engage your consumers. 

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  Spring statement plans
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