HMO Property Planning Update

publication date: Sep 17, 2010
author/source: Guest article from Alison Broderick, Platinum Property Partners

HMO Property Planning Update

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has confirmed the statement released on the 17th June 2010.

"The definition of a small HMO (class C4) will remain and permitted development rights extended to allow all  changes between the C4 and C3 classes without the need for planning applications."

Therefore, unless an Article 4 has been introduced by a council up to 6 people sharing will not need planning permission.

Local authorities will be able to use Article 4 to remove these permitted development rights and require planning applications for the change of use to C4.

There have been no alterations to the Article 4 regulations so it looks like councils will have to provide 12 months notice of introducing an Article 4 to avoid compensation claims.

However, there has been no guidance around how large an area an Article 4 Direction can cover, so there is the potential of some councils attempting to use it over a whole city, this will have to be decided case-by-case as councils introduce them.

For more information on the HMO Planning Statement, visit the Communities and Local Government website.

Article submitted by Platinum Property Partners - tel 0845 293 2877.

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