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Houses Built Post 1930s

Houses Built Post 1930s
Most homes built after this time were built with according to well thought through construction rules and regulations. But every home whether new or old needs to have an independent survey carried out before you buy it.

Most homes built between 1930 through to the 1950s have good sized rooms and gardens and were built with bricks and good foundations. Many also have garages attached. Some homes are detached, but many are semi-detached.

During the 1960s and 70s the building trade tended to use new materials which haven't stood the test of time. So anything built during this period needs to have a thorough survey to make sure anything that is leaking or not working well is fixed at the current owners cost - not yours.

Properties built during the 1980s and 1990s were built better, but tend to be on sprawling estates, with little character and more compact than older homes. However, they do tend to have en-suites, fully fitted kitchens and that essential downstairs loo!

Since the millennium we have seen many new city flats built - many with better insulation between the flats and floors and in prime positions. They can be quite expensive versus second hand flats, but if you want city life and be able to walk to work, then they are definitely worth considering. Check out our information on flats.

Checks for Houses Since 1930
1. Make sure you know the type of construction, brick, concrete or prefab.
2. If there is any asbestos which needs to be specially disposed of or treated if work is to be done.
3. Have an independent survey so that you are sure it is up to date with the latest building regulations.
4. Check that the upstairs flooring and partition walls are sound proof.
5. Find out how old any flat roofs are and when and how much it will cost to replace them.

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