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ProgrammeBrief DescriptionRatingFactual/
New Homes from Hell 2009This programme following the stories of people whose luxury properties have ruined their lives, including families who invested their hopes and money into improving their homes, only to have their dreams dashed.TBAF/E
Planning WarsAn excellent programme which really showed both sides of a planning war.  Good programme to watch if you are thinking of applying for planning permission or in the middle of a battle.4/5F
Dream HomesDocumentary series following the successes and failures of property developers as they build their dream homes. Apparently bodies under the floorboards and trouble with Listed building consent are just a couple of the problems encountered by some of the property developers!


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Channel 4

ProgrammeBrief DescriptionRatingsFactual/
Property Snakes and LaddersLovely to have Sarah Beeney back - cracking programme.  Sarah follows a number of first-time developers through the biggest property slump in living memory. It's a shame that all the budding first-time developers don't actually watch the programme before undertaking some of their projects!5/5F/E
The Home ShowGeorge Clarke helps home owners to create a home more suitable for their lifestyle.  Great programme, really useful if you are thinking of changing your property.5/5F/E
Property LadderSarah Beeney helps investors make the most of their property, and gives them tips and advice on what to do, to gain the most money.5/5F/E
Streets AheadIn this programme whole streets were done up by local people in order to improve the look of the local area.4/5F
Room For ImprovementTapping into the trend of staying put rather than selling up, Room For Improvement saw Angus Purden and Dave Wellman helping people make the best of what they'd got.3/5F/E
Kevin McCloud's - Big Town PlanThis show explores how the design and planning of an area can really transform an area.4/5F/E


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ProgrammeBrief DescriptionRatingsFactual/
How to be a Property DeveloperTwo teams are pitted against each other to try and become the most successful property developer. This shows you all the pros and cons of investment.4/5F/E
Property Developing AbroadPresented by property developer Gary McCausland, this series follows the ups and downs and path to profit of ten Brits who think they've got what it takes to be property developers abroad.TBAF/E
The Seven Deadly Sins of Property DevelopingA look back at the first three series of 'How to Be a Property Developer', featuring some of the most calamitous mistakes that the show's participants have made. The programme compiles the definitive list of the biggest no-nos in the business.TBAF/E
Build a New Life in the CountryA move from the city to a rural retreat. George Clarke meets people chasing dream homes and new lives.4/5F/E



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