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Finding a Property

Top Three Tips on where to look to help you find a property!
1.  It's fine to do an initial search on property internet sites, but don't rely on them for your
     viewing decision making. Always check local property newspapers and do drive bys!
2.  Estate agents will be helpful IF you have done some research beforehand and  
     are clear on what is available in your budget. Give a list of your 'needs -v- wants'.
3.  Visit an auction, talk to friends or family, even put a letter through doors of properties
     you like. If you can afford to, contact a property finding agent.
We use the websites below to carry out property research. Rightmove has the
most properties; EIGroup accesses auctions across the UK and ARP lists property finders.
Click the logo or the 'CLICK HERE' button below to find the property of your dreams! 

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If you have bought one of Kate's Property Packs and need more help finding a property  
or have a problem, email or tel 0845 838 1763

Disclaimer:  The information supplied above is given in good faith and we cannot accept any
liability for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any of these companies or services.

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