Supporting your Overseas Property Purchase or Sale

Apart from all the benefits of joining highlighted in our membership page, this is the kind of email/telephone help we have given overseas buyers and sellers:-

Overseas Buyers
Buying overseas can be an exciting experience, but it's fraught with difficulties from language problems to confusing legals and you do need to know how to sell, even before you commit to buy.

These are the kind of questions we've helped overseas buyers with:-

1. How much will it cost to buy abroad?   
2. Can I buy direct from a developer?
3. Is it safe to buy off plan abroad?
4. Where can I go for finance or a mortgage?  
5. Who can I trust to look after the property when I'm not there?  
6. Can I leave the property to my kids when I die?  
7. If I rent it out do I have to pay tax?
8. Can I let friends or family stay there for free?  
9. What legal company should I use?  
10. What currency should I buy in?   

Selling Overseas Property
If you are trying to sell your home abroad you may be struggling to do so, especially with the credit crunch or if you are trying to sell quickly.

Here are the kind of Q&As and services we have helped overseas sellers with:-

1. How long will it take to sell my home?
2. Should I use an real estate agent or the internet?
3. What's a fair price for my property?
4. How much will it cost to sell my home?
5. What will it cost to convert the proceeds back to Sterling?
6. Do I have to pay any tax on a profit from the sale?
7. I haven't had any interest in my property, what can I do?
8. Do I need a specialist legal company?
9. How do I find out what a property is worth?
10. Nothing's happening with my buyer, what can I do?  

We can also help if you need to:-

1. Value a property
2. Find an agent to sell your property
3. Understand the tax issues

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